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Chapeaux Made in Paris


Dilara has always been fascinated by hats. After studying with the greatest milliners in England and Australia, she first creates custom hats and tailor-made.

However, Dilara was driven by the urge to create exquisite and refined hats that modern women could wear in their everyday life without waiting for a special occasion.

This is how she launched her first collection of ready-to-wear handmade hats in 2020 which is marketed in France and internationally.


Our passion is to transmit the splendor and the refinement of couture hats in the daily life of modern women. We create handmade hats that accompany a woman in all moments of her life. Whether for a walk with the children, on a business trip, or at a romantic restaurant, our hats transform your daily life into a series of unforgettable moments.


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Each model in the collection is designed by Dilara.

Dozens of hours of work in our Parisian workshop are necessary to create a perfect shape, find the association of textures and colors, take into account all the technical nuances of hat creation.

These specifications are then carefully kept in order to be able to reproduce each model accurately.

Chapeaux Made in Paris
Chapeaux Made in Paris


For our creations we only use high quality materials.


It is with great care that we select our felts produced manually in Greece in a family workshop. Our silks with deep and nuanced colors are made in France or Italy.

Swarovski crystals known for their unparalleled brilliance are used in the decoration of our works .


In her creations, Dilara dexterously combines the fundamental techniques of male and female hatmaking.

Depending on the techniques used, some hats are formed by hand. For others, Dilara imagines a shape and size in flexible materials in order to create a prototype. This prototype is then made in wood by London craftsmen and serves as a mold for future creations.

Chapeaux Made in Paris